Buy now, Pay later

Zilla enables you to split payments in flexible instalments at checkout. Want to buy something from a store that will take Zilla? It is as simple as A, B, C. If you want to buy something, just put things in your cart as usual and choose Zilla when you check out.

To finish payment, you will be sent to the Zilla payment gateway. When you pay with Zilla, you can choose from one of four payment plans:

Pay in 4: Pay 25% now and the rest over the next six weeks (one payment every two weeks).

Pay in 3: Put down 50%, then pay the rest in two payments over the next two months (25 percent every 30 days).

Pay in 2: Put down at least 25% right away and the rest in 30 days.

One time: If you pay in full, you’ll get a discount of 2% right away.

As soon as you pay the first payment, your payment will be finished and we will start working on your order.

So what are you waiting for? Shop Now!