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About Us


Who We Are A little about us


Heem Walker is a high-end apparel brand with a reputation for integrity, quality, and excellence in footwear and leather accessories.

Heem Walker was established and registered in 2019 by Raheem A. Heem Walker was founded to fulfill the need for luxury bespoke footwear that are handcrafted locally, whilst meeting international standards at the best price.

We make and sell premium handcrafted footwear and other clothing accessories to our customers. The elites, that want value for money.We offer to bridge the gap between expensive designers quality products and affordable luxury.

Our goal is to create an option to ease our customers pocket while delivering premium quality luxury products.

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“RECEIVE VALUE FOR MONEY” It's what we do best


The phrase “receive value for money” accurately communicates most if not all the problems our target market face when purchasing some

locally made footwear. However the problem “value for money” comes up in different forms.

❖ TIME (Long production time )

❖ STANDARD (quality of material and poor finishing)

If the product is delivered under anyone of these conditions the customers feel they have not received value for their money.


Long production time and delayed delivery occur when there is time lag in production system because of the third party production team.

  • To eliminate time lag we must take total control of production system with efficient production system.
  • The landscape of the Nigerian leather market is unstable and highly unregulated which makes it highly saturated with inferior quality materials
    and inconsistent supply of quality material.
  • To solve the problem of standard we are gaining control on the source of raw materials.
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